Maximize data protection, data recovery and business continuity

Traditional data protection and backup technology such as tape, disk, and consumer-based cloud offerings are no longer sufficient or even acceptable for business applications. Innovations in technology go beyond such traditional data protection approaches and deliver automated assurance, secured storage, continuous protection, and recovery.

Your priority: Business continuity

Carney’s makes sure your business stays operational in case of a disaster. Through our NetWatch Managed Services program, we leverage a powerful collection of data protection capabilities including:

Hybrid Cloud

Improves redundancy and gives users greater protection of their systems and data

Image-Based Backups

Far superior image-based backups provides a full picture of workstations or servers

Backup Verification

Eliminates guesswork about whether backups are working properly

On-demand Local Virtualization

Allows “business as usual” until a server issue can be resolved

On-demand Offsite Virtualization

Protects from site-wide outages by enabling your business to operate from any Internet connection

End-to-End Encryption

Encrypts data that is in transit and already in the cloud

Disaster recovery strategy

In the event of a disaster, companies often suffer the consequences of massive data loss, application outages, and destroyed hardware — resulting in a crippled corporate infrastructure that is difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Without a plan, you and your employees can’t work, contact your customers, generate or receive invoices for processing. If you don’t make plans to take care of your information, your business could be permanently crippled. Carney’s helps minimize the damaging impact of unexpected disasters by preparing businesses to quickly and effectively restore technology infrastructure services after incidents such as fire, storms, burglary, equipment failure, computer virus, or human error.

Our experienced IT professionals develop disaster strategies for all types and sizes of organizations. You have peace of mind when you know that employees and data will remain connected despite an emergency. Carney’s comprehensive approach to disaster recovery includes:

Protecting Data Before a Disaster

Complete data backup protection from state-of-the-art technologies such as data mirroring and continuous remote replication. Companies can perform daily back-ups or — for added convenience — have data automatically copied to an off-site disk as it’s created.

Recovering Data After a Disaster

Recovery processes and planning to significantly decrease the time spent restoring foundational technology services required to conduct business.


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