Up-to-date office technology for an affordable price

Leasing technology makes a lot of sense for many businesses. Consider the benefits:

Preserves working capital

Why use your available cash to purchase an asset that has limited life and depreciates in value? Instead, invest that money in areas of your business that will appreciate in value or generate revenue. Leasing technology lets you pay for the use of an asset that can help you grow your business. Through a lease, you only pay for the portion of the asset that you use, rather than purchasing the entire asset. You keep your cash on hand, making it easier for you to quickly capitalize on new business opportunities when they arise.

Improves cash flow

Leasing enables you to acquire the technology equipment your business needs without draining your cash flow. Why? With a typical lease you don’t make a down payment and your monthly cost is a low, fixed payment for the term of the lease. This makes your cash flow more predictable than with a loan, which can be tied to a variable interest rate.

Improves your financial ratios

Do you need new IT equipment, but don’t want the added liability on your balance sheet? Certain types of operating leases can actually improve the financial ratios of a company. Of course, you should consult your financial advisor for specific recommendations first. Then, talk to the leasing specialists at Carney’s. We’ll find a solution that puts the right technology to use for your business – affordably.

Available for short-term rentals

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to get technology in place for a short-term requirement like an off-site software training class or temporary work assignment? We’re sure that you and your staff can think of more productive ways to spend your time.

Whatever the situation, Carney’s can help. We’ll provide you with the right rental equipment, customize it with your operating systems and software specifications, and conduct a quality test to ensure top performance in your environment. Your equipment is delivered and installed by our certified technicians, ensuring a hassle-free rental experience.

To learn more about our products or services available for lease, contact us online or call us at (661) 327‑0030.