Training/meeting space & customized training

Training center rental

Carney’s Corporate Education Center offers room rentals for training seminars, workshops, lectures or other business functions. Fully equipped with everything you need to run a smooth presentation, our largest training room comfortably holds up to 30 people with generous desk space, desktop or notebook computers, high-resolution projectors, and high-speed Internet access.

Schedule a facility rental with Carney’s and find out how you can elevate your next training or meeting by securing a professional, state-of-the-art location.

Custom-private group training

A custom class allows you to quickly train your larger group according to your specific needs and requirements without the restrictions of public, open enrollment classes.

Custom-private group training presents the best opportunity to gain valuable user knowledge pertaining to your environment and projects. The result is an increasingly efficient team with a solid understanding of the software components you have chosen for your business model.

Advantages of custom-private group training from Carney’s include:

  • Training can be done either in our Corporate Education Center or at your location
  • Instruction can be designed to incorporate projects from your current workflow
  • Course curriculum is customized with help from our instructor to meet your special needs, requirements, and expectations
  • Scheduling of class dates is flexible
  • Students can freely share company information among the group during training

Contact us for more information about room rentals and training programs. We can promptly provide a quote based on your needs.

Michael Rodriguez
Client Services Coordinator
(661) 327‑0030