Marathon Technologies

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Every business depends on the reliability of their technology. As reliable as most systems are today, occasional problems still occur. Just how you recover can make the difference between profit and loss, between keeping customers or losing them. You get the picture.

As experts in application availability, Carney’s have applied what we’ve learned from working with the world’s leading companies and application providers to deliver innovative software and services. Our goal is to prevent downtime, eliminate data loss, and reduce operational costs.

Marathon Technology’s everRun® software helps us keep your applications running. From email to electronic records, factory floors to trading floors, 911 call centers to emergency rooms, our everRun® application availability software proactively prevents application downtime. And we all know that preventing the problem is always better – and less expensive – than dealing with the inevitable fire drill that comes with down servers.

For more information on ensuring non-stop business operations, give the network specialists at Carney’s a call. We’ll show you how everRun® can work for you.